There's no question that key to our success in helping to empower people in their changemaker journeys will be distributed leadership. We can't do this alone. We need help. We need collaborators. And we're super enthusiastic about continuing to work with incredible Social Entrepreneur Corps alumni to to try to offer opportunities where everyone benefits. With this in mind, we're launching our beta "Social EntrepreneurU Campus Changeleaders Program". Following are the contemplated components that we'd like to co-create with you. As a Campus Changeleader you'll have the following opportunities for starters - 

Work with us to design strategy and get the word out on your campus (and others) about courses, experiences and resources and earn a bit of money in the process. 

Get free access to all courses and resources and work with us to design new ones.  

Participate and invite others to participate in our Zoom "It's About the HOW" podcast conversations with changeleaders. 

Work with us and other Campus Changeleaders to provide continuous consulting for our grassroots partners in Latin America.

Set up talks with social entrepreneurs in our network. 

Get access to discounted Spanish conversation sessions with Guatemalan teachers.


Start off your morning with some inspiration, increase your changemaking "chops" and get in the right mindset for the day. We send you a handful of resources such as our favorite articles, tools, talks, podcasts, organizations, and/or opportunities. 


Every week we send you a curated toolkit of changemaking resources selected from our "every morning a changemaker" newsletter. A robust mix of our favorites to help you practically accelerate your changemaking journey.