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changemaker inbox

Our team is curating resources ranging from social innovation stories to videos to "how to" guides to help you and/or your team in your own innovation journey. We'll be launching a means by which you can get these in your inbox twice a week to help you in your changemaking journey. We're launching with the FREE "SDG's IN YOUR INBOX" resource.



learn about what's working. 

spark great conversations. use in your class or with your team. 

Over the last several months our team has been curating compelling resources to help you learn more about the Sustainable Development Goals and how innovators from around the world are addressing them. For each of the 17 goals we've searched out and identified inspirational solutions journalism stories, TED talks and the like in an effort to help you learn about how the changemakers are creatively tackling some of the most pressing global challenges. We've extracted key insights and reflection questions and throw in a few inspirational quotes.  Once you sign up for this resource we'll send you what we've created at a cadence of two goals per week.

We'll launch on September 22nd. Click here if you're interested. 

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