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Design that begins with those most empathetic to community challenges.

Over 15 years designing and supporting solutions that matter.

Design that begins with those most empathetic to community challenges.


We have deep experience:

First and foremost, we understand that our success is 100% based on the real and perceived success of our clients. Our success is always founded on a well thought-out and executed process. With over 15 years of experience working with grassroots organizations and individuals in developing word communities we have designed and tested innovative social impact programs which directly benefit our clients and empowered the communities.

We are an economical solution:

Our services come at an affordable price. Our mission is to help you create impact and we recognize that you may have limited financial resources. In short, we don’t want cost to impede your success. 

We have broad networks to leverage:

We have been working and collaborating with social innovators from around the world for many years. We are a part of Ashoka, AshokaU, The BoP Hub, The World Economic Forum and many other networks. We have partnered with dozens of universities, corporations and technology providers from around the world and we can leverage this network and experience to help you succeed.

We are fast and agile:

We are social entrepreneurs ourselves and we have a team that is ready to go.

We move quickly but with intention and we have broad experience that helps us keep the eye on the objective but change as our clients and the dynamic environments we work in require.

We are recognized social innovators:

Ultimiya is led by a diverse and multidisciplinary team with hands on experience in creating innovative and sustainable responses to difficult challenges. We have been recognized as leaders in this industry such as Ashoka, The World Economic Forum, and The Clinton Global Initiative. Our work has been covered in The New York Times, on NBC and CNN and in Forbes amongst others.

We have a “ready to go” platform:

We currently work with hundreds of communities and dozens of organizations in Guatemala, Haiti, Ecuador, The Dominican Republic and Nicaragua. And we have strong relationships with other social innovators throughout the world. We can get up and start testing your technology, build a program or implement a social innovation with the communities we already work with.

We have broad experience:

From creating rural internet center best practices guides for USAID, to designing a macro and micro-franchising strategy for Vision Spring, to our work with top universities participating in our social entrepreneurship internship program, we have continuously achieved success. We worked in over 20 countries and with more than 100 organizations. 

We speak the language:

Our team speaks English, Spanish, French, Italian, Kreyol and even Romanian! We are comfortable “speaking the language” in a rural village, a university classroom and a corporate boardroom but most importantly we know how to listen to understand our customer's needs.




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