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  • Be prepared before you go to volunteer/study abroad for a semester, break or summer

  • Get access to the insights and tools you need to make a difference and do no harm 

  • Learn how to apply a social entrepreneurship/social innovation approach into whatever you choose to do

  • Get coursework and insights that might not otherwise be available to you given your school or major

  • Learn how to design a social innovation to solve a real-world challenge that inspires you. Why wait!?

  • Learn how to consult for organizations and businesses 



  • Learn how to make a real difference in the world

  • Explore a field of interest that could become a major in college or a career path

  • Differentiate yourself 

  • Learn how to be more effective when volunteering in your community



  • Get the insights, resources, tools and advice that will help you thrive in your limited time in country

  • Learn from an RPCV and social entrepreneur who has walked in your shoes




  • Gives practical guidance to volunteers in any setting doing hands on work who want to make a real change and do no harm along the way

  • Learn how to approach complex challenges with an organization or in a community in an intelligent way

  • Find out how to treat the work you support with the same rigor you use in your own career

  • Get inspired to help you choose where and how you want to make a difference


  • Learn new approaches for continuous organizational and programmatic improvement

  • Learn frameworks for starting a new social innovation

  • Take a critical eye to your current work and find ways to generate new revenues and help more people

  • Focus on employee professional development and potentially improve employee retention rates

  • Make a transition into venture creation or consulting



  • Be more effective board members or volunteers in your community

  • Learn innovative approaches for how your organization can go about designing social impact strategies

  • Embed a social entrepreneurship and innovation approach into your work and professional development

  • Discover innovative strategies for your community impact efforts

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