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We've designed our courses with you in mind. Following are some of the unique benefits that we've built into the structure of our courses. Never hesitate to reach out with any questions or concerns. 

The opportunity to earn recognition of completion from Columbia Business School "Venture for All". Learn more.

No preset social innovation you are required to work on. Use the work you love to guide you through the courses and assignments. 

When you take a course we offer a 100% scholarship to a student from one of our partner schools. Learn more  

Courses designed, taught and lead by a globally recognized social entrepreneur and consultant. Learn more

Work as an organization or as a team if you'd like. Please reach out to use if you'd like to learn more about this opportunity. 

Access to tools and resources you can really use. This is about practicality and putting concepts into action. 

The opportunity for feedback from educators/practitioners as well as consulting and advice from leaders who do this work for a living. 

Work alone if you'd like. No requirement to form a team and coordinate passions and schedules. 

Real time answers to any and all questions you might have before and during your course. CONTACT US 

You choose to complete assignments on the modules that are most applicable/resonate with where you are in your learning journey. 

Not sure what type of challenge you want to use to guide you? Use our "Sustainable Development Goals Challenges". Learn more 

Periodic rewards and recognition for best social innovations, consulting deliverables and the like. 

Course Options: How it works and costs

We offer you to choose how in-depth you'd like to get with each course. At the most basic level you can work on your own without any educator feedback and simply turn in your required number of assignments. Or you could get feedback and insights on those assignments through video and/or text. On the most robust side of things (maybe for current professionals, volunteers, organizations working in this field?) you get access to live consulting/advisory sessions from seasoned professionals who do this kind of work for a living. It's up to you. Just sing up for the level of engagement that fits best with your own personal/professional situation. Recognition of completion from CBS "Venture for All" is provided for each option.  

Option 1:

DIY:  $150

This includes access to all course modules, tools and additional readings. This does not include feedback on assignments from educators.                 


Option 2: 

Educator Feedback:  $225

This includes everything from Option 1 plus feedback on assignments from educators.

Option 3: 

Comprehensive:  $325

This includes everything from Option 2 plus two 45 minute live consulting/advisory sessions from educators.  


You're invited to join!

In partnership with Continuing Studies at University of Wisconsin, Greg Van Kirk will be teaching this course for 4 weeks staring on Tuesday, September 15th. The course takes place every Tuesday from 2:00 to 3:30 CT ending on October 6th.  Course fees are $200. 

Learn more and sign up here. Limited seats available. 

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