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your changemaker journey


Our goal is to ignite and accelerate the changemaking mind sets and skill sets of students, professionals, teams and organizations. We offer high-impact, practical, and economical (and often FREE!) resources and opportunities that meet people where they are. All of our offerings provide you with the opportunity to thrive with purpose in uncertainty and ambiguity. 








We're building off of 15 years leading programs where 100% of the student participants shared that they would recommend the program to others. Participants learn how to succeed as "Community Consultants" through engaging with grassroots organizations in the developing world. This is a unique opportunity to enhance your consulting, adaptive leadership, empathy, global competency, collaborative problem solving and Spanish language skills (no language requirement). Work side-by-side with a World Economic Forum “Social Entrepreneur of the Year” and  Ashoka Fellow. 

This is a virtual program enhanced with activities and exercises that will get you out of your seat and engage with others in your own local community. 


We help you, your team and organization ignite, recalibrate and/or accelerate your changemaker journey. We offer truly unique perspectives, insights, capabilities and resources because of our own truly unique changemaking journey. We have over 20 years of proven experience and expertise and can help you achieve your aspirations through engaging in any number of ways.  Greg Van Kirk leads the changemaker consulting and coaching engagements. He is a former Ashoka Leadership Group Member, is a two-time Ashoka Globalizer Fellow and World Economic Forum "Social Entrepreneur of the Year for 2012 (Latin America)." Greg is the principal designer of the award-winning MicroConsignment Model, now being applied globally.

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